Tuesday, November 30, 2004

A Bird in the Hand is Worth Two in the Bush.

Why does Bush get two birds? I'm I talking about Bush's bird? And why is my bird in my hand while I'm talking about Bush's bird? Change-up! Turn the Page! New tactic!

When I first heard I was like "Why Halifax?" the more I think about it the worst it gets.

Tonnes of Offshore Oil
Voted DOWN sunday shopping
One of only TWO navy bases in the country
9/11 planes landed here
conservative backwater.


Why do I live here?

Today's Song of the Day is "Backwater Blues (That Mean Ol' Twister)" by Lightnin' Hopkins off his 1946 ablum "Morning Blues."

Crazy Fact: In 1946 Hopkins paired with pianist Wilson "Thunder" Smith, and then re-named himself "Lightnin'."


Monday, November 29, 2004

Free Horse, Huh? Lemmie See It's Teeth.

What the HELL?! When did professors turn into a buncha pansies? I went into school today all ready to pull out a totally fabricated sob story to get an extension and... he went and gave us all one, this is the second time! I struggled like hell to fail to get something done on time and it has been pushed back 5 days or a week. Yes my prayers were answered, uttered in the darkest midnight of my procrastination to my unholy masters. Who knew he listened? Damn soul! I done lost it again. but it pisses me off. How am i going to learn any discipline if every deadline is only a jesus recommendation.

Now I have to more days of procrastinating HELL before I use that crazy excuse I've concocted.

Today's Song of the Day is "(I can't get no) Satisfaction" by The Rolling Stones off their 1965 album "Out of Our Heads."

Crazy Fact: Keith Richards, who had devised the fuzz riff that the song was built upon, was afraid the riff was too similar to the one used on Martha and the Vandellas' "Dancing in the Street." Whatever Keith, if you smoke enough pot it's sounds like Happy Birthday too.


Sunday, November 28, 2004

nothing under this dunce cap but shame and failure

I'd rather be sitting in a corner with a dunce cap on. I'd rather stare at a bug on the other side of my window, I'd rather pack, unpack, clean, e-mail friends, watch a movie, tv, sleep, eat ANYTHING but do this paper. I'm procrastinating like i've got a death wish. I'm am fiercely pursueing my failure here. running through excuses to use on my professor. sometimes I'm standing totally still in the middle of my room thinking absolutely nothing at all. just not doing the paper. I've haven't procrastinated like this in years. probably not since the last time I had to write a paper. it's amazing. I'm gonna call up Betty Crocker because I've just about perfected this recipe for failure. i suck.

favourite procrastination line of all time: When I get the feeling to do something, I lie down until the feeling goes away.

Today's Song of the Day is "Oh! Sweet Nuthin'" by The Velvet Underground off there 1970 album "Loaded."

Crazy Fact: Lou Reed left the band shortly before this albums release.


Saturday, November 27, 2004

Smoke Nazis On The Horizon.

Nothing worse then an ex-smoker. We're like born again Christians, either trying to show people the light or pounding the bible with hell 'n' damnation. I never thought I'd be a smoke nazi but it's happening. I totally am. I'm starting to feel like you can just slap them for no reason. it's weird. but at the same time if I go out I'm most comfortable in the smoking room. I have no idea what is up with that i get up the next morning I feel and smell like I've smoking a pack of cigarettes, weird. I guess it the born-again non-smoker being chartable to the damn, hanging-out with the 'less fortunates.' poor smokers, you're all going to the cancer-ward to die. I'll try to save you from this living hell. Let you be HEALED! I was lost and now I'm found. The addicts are the blind, the sheep and i'm the shepard, show them the path to freedom. or it's just that smokers are more fun.

Today's Song of the Day is "I Saw The Light" by Hank Williams off his 1952 album "Hank Williams Sings."

Crazy Fact: Hank Williams musical education was provided by a local blues street singer, Rufus Payne, who was called Tee Tot. From Tee Tot, this is where he learned how to play the guitar and sing the blues.


Friday, November 26, 2004

Week Over

Here's a TGIF song if I ever heard one. I don't care WHO I have to thank, Hell! Thank George W Bush it's Friday. I thought this week was going to kill me. It still might. I'm mean it's 1:30 Friday Morning and I have classes tomarrow and I'm still working on S H I T.

Anyway, listen on loud and get head-bop happy.

Today's Song of the Day is "Block Rockin' Beats" by The Chemical Brothers off their 1997 Album "Dig Your Own Hole."

Crazy Fact: This was the first electronica Album to Go Platinum in the U.S.


Thursday, November 25, 2004

The Older You Get The More People Stay the Same.

I wonder what it's like to be an old woman. There were four of them sitting with tea cups attentively in front of them. Only one of them talked. The others sit and nod. "...Well, Mother wouldn't have appreciated what I said next..." They smile big white grandma smiles. One of them, less veiled, than the others fades out, looking just a little more to the left and a downward, thinking about something very different then the rest. She rests her hand on the table holding the tea cup like the rest, sitting up just like the rest, smiling and nodding like the rest, (a little late but still within the bounds of polite company) but it's clear she is not in the same place. I'm not sure if she was sad, but whatever she was feeling it was subtle.

The woman talking seemed pleasent enough, she talked through three entire Philosophy articles.

Today's Song of the Day is "I'm a Woman" by Jim Kweskin & the Jug Band (featuring Maria D'Amator) of their 1965 album "Jug Band Music."

Crazy Fact: Jim Kweskin travelled throughout the United States from 1959-1962 collecting songs and put together the first incarnation of his Jug Band when he returned to Boston in 1963.


Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Determinism Helps Me R E L A X .

I wrote a test, for geology, and I was totally unprepared. I got caught of guard. I just sorta took ate two smarties and went in with a brain full of hope, but nuthin' else. Oddly I did better on this one then on the one's I studied for.

That's bad on the Head.

(A ghostly voice drifts in with the lame 60s reverb cranked) "Don't study pif... go have a beer... you'll do better...can't you see?"

"Yeah weird little devil with the reverb mic on my sholder... I think your right, again!"

Unfortnately it reminded of a story from my first time around when I asked Dr. Merritt what I should do to prepare myself for his much-feared uber-brutal final exam in Dramaturgy (yeah you read it right) "Well, either you know it, or you don't... so I guess do what you normally do on a Friday Night." License to Kill.

So I find Dave and tell him drinks are on me on two conditions, first, he has to make sure I get to the Exam at 9 AM and second, with every drink he takes he has to tell me a dramaturgical fact. The night was a blur. The clearest image I have is of Dave nearly green standing at the door of the Exam room the next morning kinda stunned and kinda stumbling, "...Well... ...here you are...I'm going back to bed...sucker..."

I got an 'A'.

Time to read.

Today's Song of the Day is "Symphony No. 5: i. Allegro con brio" composed by Ludwig van Beethoven (or something) in 1808, here conducted by Herbert Von Karajan and performed by The Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra.

Crazy Fact: You know this Symphony is subtitled "Fate"? I think that's pretty cool.


Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Who's Driving This Rig?

Who the fuck was the Sadist who invented Tic Tac Toe? Fucker! My life sucks right now because of him/her/it. I don't know if you know this but... you can't win. Against a five year old maybe, or someone in a coma probably, but otherwise, you can't win! Shouldn't this be taken OUT of the 'game' category. I mean if you always tie, it's not a game. It's like playing rock scissors paper in the mirror (I hate that guy!) or taking the scissors and paper out and playing for a few weeks. Does that sound like fun to you?


WHY Pif?!

WHY the FUCK do YOU CARE!?! (you, the studio audience, have often thought this to yourself and many have verbalized it.)

I'll TELL you WHY.

Because this fact has thrown everything I've worked for, everything I've dreamed about into UTTER chaos (not pronounced 'chows' I'm told. Then WHY did they spell it that way!? See now that's ANOTHER thing! right there, I shake my fist and curse at you... but I digress, yet again...) How can I walk even one more step on my chosen path? When I can't write a computer program that can win at tic tac toe or most importantly NOT LOSE! I must! Supposedly I want to do AI and I can't even make a computer smarter than a guy in a coma? dude. this is NOT cool. not cool.

Today's Song of the Day is "Wicked Game" by Chris Isaak off his 1989 album "Heart Shaped World."

Crazy Fact: He began an acting career with a bit part in Jonathan Demme's 1988 film, Married to the Mob; he would later have parts in Wild at Heart, and The Silence of the Lambs.


Monday, November 22, 2004

Too Busy to Properly Rant

I'm so glad I'm not in Jail.
I'm also glad I don't do herion.

Today's Song of the Day is "Doin' Time" by Sublime off there 1996 debut album "Sublime."

Crazy Fact: Sublime's eponymous major-label debut arrived a few months after the band's leader, Brad Nowell, died tragically of a heroin overdose.


Sunday, November 21, 2004

I Think I Am. I Think I Am.

Lamest band to ever release 26 self-titled Albums. They are also the lamest band in a lot of other catagories like lamiest 2nd most successful American band of all time (according to Billboard). Lamest band with seven members. Lamest band still together from the Sixities. Lamest band to be in the top-ten best selling bands of all time. What about producing the LAMEST solo career of the 80s? Can you guess yet? think really really double-LAME. How about lamest band to ever change from a kinda cool name to a LAME place name band after there first album. OK there's a good hint. unfortunatly ALL place name bands are lame LA guns? lame. Boston? Lame. Toronto. pffft, who? L A M E. America? Lame. Hamburg Symphony Orchestra? uber-lame. The Hartford Whalers. Lame. and while I'm on the topic Paul McCartney. lame. Strange because I liked Dallas when it was on, but then again I liked the Dukes of hazzard and MASH when I was a kid. Oh Alan, you broke my heart. I thought you were the deepest, funniest man ever but no you weren't your were LAME. curse you retro cable TV if it wasn't for you i would never have know anyway.. I digress. I really don't know a single song they did all I know its that they are LAME. Here's a song a cool band did and this LAME band covered on their debut album.

Just GOOGLE: lame band

Today's Song of the Day "I'm A Man" by Spencer Davis Group off their 1967 album "I'm A Man."

Crazy Fact: Stevie Winwood left the band just before this album was released.


Thursday, November 18, 2004

Times They are a-Changin'

Things have changed a little. I remembering taking flak EVERYTIME I would mention I liked Ani Difranco. So everytime I mentioned it I was ready for a fight, so if I wasn't ready for a fight, I wouldn't mention it. This is not the case anymore. I dig in my heels, mention it and nothing, just a 'oh yeah, she's alright.'

Usually I have to get into the feminist/man-hater argument-thing, that to be honest I'm not really all that happy to get in. Sure, she got some angry songs, well so do the Rolling Stones, whateva. anyway, I'm not having the conversation anymore, because it's stale and it seems I don't have to. People have grown up.

Today's Song of the Day is "You Had Time" by Ani Difranco off her 1994 album "Out of Range."

Crazy Fact: From 1991 to 1995 DiFranco played over 200 dates a year, touring totally alone, driving herself around the continent in her Volkswagen.


Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Connect the Ear Bone to the Mouth Bone.

I like this song. I've always liked this song... a little too much. I don't know why. Every once in a while a song sort comes along that I really like and know really really well, like, I can sing all the lyrics with the song, but I haven't listened to a word. It's purely an aesthetic experience. Mouth going, Ears hearing, having a great time, not listening to a word. weird. I think it puts me in a bit of a trance. That's all I got I'm too busy wit school.

Today's Song of the Day is "Shout" by Tears For Fears off their 1985 album "Songs from the Big Chair"

Crazy Fact: They wrote this whole album about there experiences with shock, er, primal scream therapy... cry babies. Screaming about it is going to get you anywhere. How'd they ever think of the title this song. Come on boys have those LAME hair cuts gone to your head? Stop shouting and THINK for once, Jesus! "think, think, hold it all in, these are the things I think I can handle. Come on, Come on."


Monday, November 15, 2004

Home of the Best and of the Worst.

America. There is so much to say. It's bizzarro world, everything is exactly the same, almost. Every once in a while it turns into a David Lynch film. Everyone looks like they're under floresent lights. It's like being trapped in a strip mall. Almost outside, Almost inside, almost safe an awning and a parking lot to save you from the truth. You go store to store never finding exactly what you need, but there's lots of stuff that's close and cheaper. Maybe you buy it and then figure out it's not what you need so you chuck it and keep looking. If you ever stop thinking about yourself and what it is exactly that your looking for you might look up for a second. You'll see all these people, under that bearely flickering, slightly green, cheap industrial lighting, shifty-eyed searching for a weakness, for someone to blame for the piles of discarded 'almosts' around everyone's feet. They toe a line of scared and guilty to self-righteous and accusitory. Fearful of being blamed, waiting for someone to blame for this cheap life the've been sold, for the bad idea's the've swallowed under that false flickering light, quick to anger, quick to fear. In this state, they miss so much, they accept so much. Anything outside the endless mall, the harsh whispers and that greenish, slightly flickering light.

Today's Song of the Day is "People Are Strange" by The Doors off there 1967 album "Strange Days."

Crazt Fact: They made this movie about the door and Val kilmer played Jim Morrison, no lie and Meg Ryan was in it to, crazy wha? Ok ok how about this people take 'pilgrimages' to Jim Morrison grave. weird.


Friday, November 12, 2004

Love Potion Number Four

Ok so I was gleefully trapped in a cabin in the White Mountains of New Hampshire with four other guys with a very limited selection of activities on the menu. This was the mission we all accepted. To only have a very limited selection of activities so we would do those activities as much as possible without distraction. Those activities were: play geeky games, play guitar, drink, eat, sit in the hot tub or sit on dock and chill on the lake 'n' mountain vista. We were all pretty happy about this. The phone didn't ring once (ok ONCE) there was no computers, no homework, no TV, no people we didn't know, no nothin' no how.

This had unforeseen side effects.

The most stand out in my mind was on Sunday morning when we were headed home, we stopped briefly to get supplies for the ride home. A whole part of my brain that was shut-down for days caused a nearly overwhelming power drain at is went through it's start-up cycle. I stopped dead in my tracks in the middle of a parking lot, sort of twitching. I didn't even know what happened. It was a physical reaction... I literally almost fell over when I saw a woman. Hello mister libido we've been a little bored, a little under stimulated for a change. I had no idea it would effect me like that. I'm pretty sure she wasn't looking her best or even aware of my presence, but I tell you, it didn't matter. She couldn't been wearing track pants pulled up to her armpits, a mouthful of rotten teeth and an eye-patch (well, that would be cool anyway) and I could've fallen in love with her I tell ya, dangerous. very dangerous.

Today's Song of the Day is "American Woman" by The Guess Who off their 1970 album "American Woman."

Crazy Fact: Given its anti-American putdowns, it ironic that is became their only U.S. chart-topper. When the group performed for President and Mrs. Nixon and Prince Charles at the White House, Pat Nixon requested that "American Woman" be dropped from the set list.


Thursday, November 11, 2004

I'm Melting, MELLLLLTING!!...

Fifteen hours in a car is too long to sit in a car with somebody let alone two people. There are a couple of phases (between each phase there is a pee break):

talkative (2nd wind)
reflective (3rd wind)
murderous (no wind)

When we finally got out of the car at the cabin in New Hampshire, Mike jumped me and wrestled me to the ground and then Caleb jumped on him, we almost weren't joking.

I squirmed free. "Fuck you ALL!" I ran to the entrance, shaking, jumping up and down uncontrollably, unsure of whether to shit or make eggs, wind my watch or go blind. I'm so happy I could kill, so angry I could dance. Mostly I'm very very alive. This was the point of the trip. Get the fuck out of Dodge, go somewhere new, safe and beautiful with the boys and totally forget... on Rememberance Day of all days.

Pif: I burst into the Cabin: I'm SOOO fucking GLAD to OUT of that... instrument of TORTURE that... FUCKING CAR! HAHAHA!

Rob: how you doin' pif?

Pif: REALLY REALLY... BETTER NOW! (I'm jumping from one foot to the other. Mind in tatters. Happy to have two legs.)

Rob: I see nothing's changed with you.

Pif: Nope. NO SIRREEE MISTER Mister. How are-

Caleb (enters bags in hand): AAaaah.. We Almost left Pif at the side of road because he lost a bet.

Pif: If you touch me! I'LL BREAK YOUR ARM!

Rob: So you guys had a good drive?

Caleb: Yes. Its over.

At this point I knew it was true, we survived. Those last few miles were killer, I felt like crying. It was over and we are as far away as humanly possible I got up Early this morning in Halifax, Canada and now I'm somewhere DEEP in Bush country. Bittersweet. In the back of my mind I knew I had to get back in to get home, but my better half was keeping this fact from my worser half which was at the controls at the moment.

Today's Song of the Day is "Feeling Yourself Disintegrate" by The Flaming Lips off their 1999 album, "The Soft Bulletin."

Crazy Fact: The origin of their name variously attributed to a porn film, an obscure drug reference, or a dream in which a fiery Virgin Mary plants a kiss on Wayne in the backseat of his car.


Wednesday, November 10, 2004

"So, This is What Kansas is Like," said the Gnome.

So my good friend Mike is skipping town for richer pastures (hog town) and as a parting gift he gave me some magic shoes. they're gold. They are not for the faint of heart. They get quite a reaction from people. I'm walking around and people look down in horror, they look up straining to make sense of me, they again look down still surprised, they scan up my body, finally they become self aware and quickly turn there heads, look away and walk by. I would say this is the reaction of one in twenty but when your walking through campus you pass by so many people that some one always seems to be reacting. I'm not sure how to react. I feel like a gnome with these crazy yellow shoes on. I like attention as much as the next guy, but this is too much, or weird, or something-er-other. There is something in this I'm not used to.

I think it's the closest I'm ever going to come to getting piercings or a tattoo, it's as close as I'm going to get to some kind of outward mark of distinction. I feel like they are glowing, burning brightly from below with attention-o-waves, everytime I look down I get confused so I look away, walk on thinking about them, trying not to bump into things.

They're not everyday shoes. That's for sure.

Today's Song of the Day is "Get On The Good Foot" by James Brown off his 1972 album "Get On The Good Foot."

Crazy Fact: In 1988, he led the police on an interstate car chase after allegedly threatening people with a handgun. The episode ended in a six-year prison sentence that many felt excessive; he was paroled after serving two years.


Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Good Friends Wear Rubber Boots.

P: man I could live for at least FOUR months on ONE paycheck from this time last year. It's crazy.
C: yeah I know, I think about it everytime I buy another dozen mr. noodles.
P: Brutal.
C: I know.
P: What did I do with all the CASH?!
C: I know.
P: I can't IMAGINE Spending all that money!
C: I know.
P: Cabs, Booze, Restaurants, Trips - Poof!
C: We traded it all in for homework and T.V.
P: Brutal.
C: I know.

A pause as we stare off into the parking lot and think about the old days, a little lost in the new.

P: 'If I ever get my hands on a dollar again...'
C: '...I'll hold on to it till that old eagle grins.'

Later that day, I was at my good friend Mairi's for dinner (pronounced 'maddy'), it was a blast (of course) there was eight of us who haven't all been in the same room for a year or so. So much laughter, such a good time, near constant stick-shaking. Then the instruments came out. What's nice about eating, drinking and being merry with a roomful of musicians is you name a song, somebody knows it.

Me: "Hey you know what song has been in my head all day; Nobody knows you when your down and out."

I'm ignored. You know musicians ('wink' to HK). Everyone continues sort of playing there own thing, tuning, yaking, drinking, smoking, laughing. Then I hear it. Slowly, out of the boisterous cacophony comes 'I used to live the life of a millionaire...' perfectly. Sweet. The others' musical spidey-sense starts tingling they turn watch the chords, listening to the melody, the rhythm and one by one pick it up. Two guitars, a mandolin and a fiddle later it's kicked full on into high gear. I'm thinking to myself, well Eric, not only are you totally over-rated, but your wrong again.

Just like kitchen parties, it' must be one of the advantages to living in an economically depressed region of the country. When your down and out, you've re-joined the majority, it's like comin' home. If you want to know where the All-weather keepers hang out, go to the kitchen.

Today's Song of the Day is "Nobody Knows You When You're Down & Out" by Eric Clapton off his 1992 album "Unplugged."

Crazy Fact: George Harrison was in love with Eric Clapton's wife.


Monday, November 08, 2004

Fade to Black.

The fade out is such a cheap way to end a song. What it really means is we have no idea how to end the song so they say 'we are just going to stop playing and use cheap fade out deal to cover our lose losery.'

That being said, when I have to turn off music, I'm vaguely uncomfortable with just switching it off. I feel like I need to appologize to them musician 'Sorry Frankie I gotta go' so I usually fade it out and then turn it off. It seems less jarring or more respectful. I know that makes me a huge flake but everything I do makes me a huge flake.

If you could only get out of really difficult conversations that way:

"I'm sorry, These last two years have been an utter mistake. I don't like you anymore, I'm breaking up with you. (quieter) I don't like you anymore, I'm breaking up with you. (quieter) I don't like you anymore, I'm breaking up with you. (whispering) I don't like you anymore, I'm breaking up with you." As you tip-toe out of the room.

or maybe it would be more like:

Doc: Yes, Mr. Smith it's what we feared, you have cancer, you have thre...eek.....ve, you....can...ree..to li..., ...ee... ...o... ...i... .

Mr. Smith: Can you speak up?

Doc: er eh-um yes... uh I don't know how to say this it's what we feared, you have cancer, you have thre...eek.....ve, you....can...ree..to li..., ...ee... ...o... ...i... .

Mrs. Smith: Dear, can't you take a hint. He is fading and repeating on you.

Mr. Smith: What... but that can only mean-

Mrs. Smith: Yes, he's a cheap coward who doesn't even have the decency to tip-toe out of the room.

Doc: Well it is MY office after all.

Either way no dice. Must face the Music.

Today's Song of the Day is "Pink Moon" by Nick Drake off his last album "Pink Moon" which was released in 1972.

Crazy Fact: There is some question to whether or not he commited suicide or it was accidental but either way he died from an overdose of booze and sleeping pills.


Sunday, November 07, 2004

Plop Plop Fizz Fizz

Ok I finally got all caught up on the SOTD posts, yikes what a week. This next week looks even worse. My brain is empty, all I have to say is that as I mentioned on monday 1979 and 1975 r very Kewl. This is the other half. 1975 was SOO hard rock groovey. It's crazy:

Ride On - AC/DC
Walk This Way - Aerosmith
Born To Run - Bruce Springsteen
Slow Ride - Foghat
Physical Graffitti - Led Zeppelin (the WHOLE Album)
Love Hurts - Nazareth
Bohemian Rhapsody - Queen
Low Rider - War
Tush - ZZ Top

These are just the past SOTDs from 1975. It's nuts. gotta go do JAVA stuff. bye

Today's Song of the Day is "Walk This Way." by Aerosmith off the 1975 album "Toys in the Attic."

Crazy Fact: In 1970, the first incarnation of Aerosmith formed when vocalist Steven Tyler met guitarist Joe Perry while working at a Sunapee, NH, ice-cream parlor. HA HA HA HA HA HA !


Saturday, November 06, 2004

Busy Spells.

Sorry guys been deliquent.

Major busy period. I'm on my period. I never thought I'd say that one. But it works I'm cranky, emotional, frustrated, I REALLY want to take a bath forever, ect...

gotta go.

Today's Song of the Day is "Like a Rolling Stone" by Bob Dylan off his 1965 album "Highway 61 Revisited."

Crazy Fact: Bob was almost killed in a motorcycle accident just before this album.


Friday, November 05, 2004

30 Is The Number of The Beastie.

Happy Birthday Claire. I hate you.

Turning thirty at a BEASTIE Boys concert sound like as close heaven (in the Bryan Adam's conception) as a human can come to on our meager rock. I'm jealous. I hate you. Treat it like a hobbit birthday, bring me present. do it.

do it.

Today's Song of the Day is "Jump Around" by The House of Pain off there 1992 album "House of Pain."

Crazy fact: In 1992 House of Pain's Everlast was so sure of there success that his said instead of the opening for the Beastie boys the Beastie Boys should open for them, they got the boot. Come 1993 'House of WHO?' Who's a Pain?'


Thursday, November 04, 2004

Take Five

Strange. Here's a lesson in subjectivity for you. When I was a kid taking math I thought it was stupid that there was this 'perfect world' in which lines would be parallel forever. In this broken little world of ours it's impossible to make a perfectly straight line let alone TWO that never touch. So WHY are we learning about this? A pragmatist at such an early age, poor little guy. Well what I never considered was within the world of ideas things certainly can be parallel. Parallel perception.

So I walk with Cel and Fiver almost everyday. I've been through the WHOLE routine, many, many times. Where he walks when he eats, how he behaves in different situations, when he needs to go back on the leash all that jazz. So Cel goes to the T dot and the little guy is under my charge. Sweet. I totally know his routine, he likes me. s'all good.

Well, It's way different when your driving the bus, same trip different perspective. When driving the bus I learned that responsibility is composed of two primary substances: guilt and fear,

Guilt: I gotta go home, The puppies all alone.' (weird... I NEVER go home... What the hell IS this?)

Guilt: I wonder if he's happy on the couch? Maybe I should get him a blanket?' (what... the... hell. Pif! Your snapping!)

Fear: 'he's too close to the road, don't like the look of that other dog, he's too close to traffic, where'd he go? what was that? is that broken glass? what's he eating? he's too close to traffic, that dog's going to steal his ball, is he cold? Is that car going to stop? It eventually broke down to full-blown half-thought paranoia: what was? what's he? is he? is that? can he? would he? is that? Where is? I was surfin' the crest of a monster wave of fear, at top speed, hair blown back, Fiver on his leash, full-on pulling me to Point Pleasant Park. I felt like a dog sled of fear. I was terrified, panicked. I was taking responsibility.

The worst part of this is Fiver is the best dog ever, gentle, obedient and happy an all-round sweetheart. How much trouble can he really be? Didn't stop the obsess-o-machine from producing top-quality fear.

She's back. Fiver's alive. I should never have children.

Today's Song of the Day is "Can't Take My Eyes Off You" by Lauryn Hill off her 1998 album "The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill."

Crazy Fact: Frankie Valli did the original in 1967 as a solo effort from the Four Seasons but it was written by Bob Crewe and Bob Gaudio who were the other members of the Four Seasons... What a chump. 'I want MY name on the album WAAAA!" give the cry baby a record already...


Wednesday, November 03, 2004

You Scream I Scream We All Scream for... whatever.


That's all I got. I thought for sure we got out of this. no. really no. I'm still trying to deal with it. I thought we made it. After everything, even though there is NO DOUBT he will go down as the WORSE president of the United States EVER (and there is some stiff competion for that title.)
voted him in again.

I don't even know...where to begin. It's depressing. I'm sure 4 years is enough time to destroy this planet. It's too bad, I liked it here. people are war mongers, they just are. they don't want...whatever. It's awful.

Today's Song of the Day is "When The Levee Breaks" by Led Zeppelin off the 1971 MASTERPIECE "Led Zeppelin IV."

Crazy Fact: whatever...


Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Uncle Sam is a Dirty Old Man.

How come I don't I get to vote for Emporer? Why do these heartless fools to our south get to vote for our well-being? It's no fair. Fortunately their economy is going to collapse under the weight of there own stupidity. I'm in denial. I'm terrified beyond the capacity for rational thought.

I got out my white-out today and whited-out the whole of the USA (minus Hawaii and Alaska, I'm a sucker for those little guys) It took a while. I drew a big Happy face over it. It's all better now. I also ripped out 'that' page in the dictionary. Who needs the reminder really. You can do a lot with sticky notes too.

Today's Song of the Day is "Head Like A Hole" by Nine Inch Nails off the 1989 album "Pretty Hate Machine"

Crazy Fact: Trent Reznor played tenor sax and tuba in the school band. HAha! Can he play this on the TUBA! I bet that would be awesome!


Monday, November 01, 2004

1979 Was the Bomb.

Right now the stand out years seem to be 1975 and 1979. I'm not sure why. Lots a good stuff going on in those years. Things seem to really polarize Folk, Metal, Funk, Punk, Ska, Reggae and New Wave were all Popular at the same time in 1979. It was musically multi-cultural everybody got along even though they were really freaking different. It was the land before MTV.

It was a very good year. It was the year they invented the musical atom bomb, The music video. In 1979 "The Buggles" heralded the demise of music as we knew it with 'Video Killed The Radio Star.' It was the first video played on MTV in 1981.


Today's Song of the Day is "Atomic" by Blondie off their 1979 Album "Eat to the Beat."

Crazy fact: I had the hugest crush on Debbie Harry. My god. Anway, She was in the David Chronburg film Videodrome. very coolioweird.