Monday, May 18, 2009

This one is about the music.

Man. I've heard some cool covers in my day but D A M N ! if this doesn't take the cake. The only thing wrong with the original version of Tom Sawyer by RUSH is Geeedy Lees' terrible voice. With that gone, it's remarkably better, but play it by a Jazz Trio with mad mad skillz and you realize what jazz was meant to be. The excitement of music you know -- of music you've been raised on -- being all fucked with, played better, stronger, faster then ever before, that is what got people into Jazz in the first place. I can feel it here, that feeling they must have felt in the 30s, 40s & 50s. This whole album is loaded with it. Tears for fears, David Bowie... and you would never believe what they did to Chariots of Fire... the baseline, holy moses the base line. Fuck! I might send it tomorrow.

The best news is they are coming to Halifax. I near shit.

This is vibrant and alive, this can engage an audience in the same way Jazz used to and now (mostly) doesn't. This is the way it was and the way it should be... amazing, improvised, reinvention, of our own music, nothing fucking stale about this shit. I'm fucking ready to have my brains blown out by this show, I don't think it's gonna fucking dis-a-mutherfucking-point.

Today's Song of the Day is "Tom Sawyer" by The Bad Plus off their 2007 album "Prog."

Crazy Fact: They are coming to Halifax. (There is so much shit on YouTube, dig it.)