Saturday, November 14, 2015

Back to it

I, like most others I know, am sick of all the internet. By that we mean the time suck, the non-creative all-day intermittent checking-in. My time disappears into it. The Facebook, The Google News. Whatever your poison is, you probably know what I mean.

The answer is: create. So I'm gonna try to blog again, write some shit. Whatever I like. Also like like the comic book frames thing I was doing so I am going to keep that up. Maybe I'll forget to write a post for 3 years, or 3 weeks. dunno. don't care. This shit here, is all about me.

Today's Song of the Day is Here I Go Again by Whitesnake off their 1987 Album "Whitesnake".

Crazy Fact: The lead singer, David Cloverdale, drew most of the album covers for Whitesnake.