Monday, May 30, 2005

Noah Should've Been As Lucky.

It finally stopped raining. Thank you mother earth. It only rained for 14 days and 14 nights. I'm glad I live on a hill... and sleep in a boat. Anyway I fucking LOVE this song.

Today's Song of the Day is "She Caught The Katy & Left Me A Mule To Ride" by Taj Mahal off his 1968 album "The Natch'l Blues."

Crazy Fact: Taj Mahal formed the Rising Sons with guitarist Ry Cooder. The group signed to Columbia and released one single, but the label didn't quite know what to make of their forward-looking blend of Americana, which anticipated a number of roots rock fusions that would take shape in the next few years; as such, the album they recorded sat on the shelves, unreleased until 1992. ...crazy...


Sunday, May 29, 2005


I went to the shrink. Why is it called a shrink?

Anyway, I'm getting drugs to make me more like all of you. I'm taking the brain pill, the soma. Conformity pays off I guess, so I'm led to believe by My Academic Transcript, which is kicking me in the ass. Pointing and laughing at me. It tells me if I take 'focusin' er whatever I can really fix it's wagon. So a wagon fixin' it is.

Today's Song of the Day is "Potato Head Blues" by Louis Armstrong, Originally Composed in 1923, this version is recorded in 1957 off and taken off "Satchmo: A Musical Autobiography."

Crazy Fact: He dropped out of school at 11 and on December 31, 1912, he fired a gun during a New Year's Eve celebration, for which he was sent to reform school. He studied music there and played cornet and bugle in the school band, eventually becoming its leader.


Wednesday, May 25, 2005

I'm Old and I Live in a Bizarro Universe.

I went to the New York Times to see this headline,

"Mötley Crüe Files Suit Against NBC for Banning It Because of an Expletive."

What the *Hell* has happened? Whatever it is, I'm ready to blame George Bush Jr. How did the soccer mom's win? How did they get Mötley Crüe banned from the air waves 20 years too late. What happened last I heard Mötley Crüe did didn't matter anymore... didn't show up on ANYONES radar. I guess the soccer mom's just don't quit. jeesus.

This sacred fear of dirty words on the airwaves, lest it pervert the children's minds, is as foolish as the believing in the boogie man. And to a kid the boogey man is a much bigger concern, I saw that fucker, I swear. I knew every dirty word I know now by the time I was 6 (actually I think I might know less now, it was waaay more interesting back then.) and they didn't work on the boogie man, nothing did. Only light and/or parental presence. the fucker.

I think if you play The Tonight Show theme backwards, it tells you to kill your freedom of expression. And if you watch NBC you have a powerful compulsion to buy shit you don't need and be bored shitless by G rated pap. And they wonder why viewership is dropping. Thank god for the fucking internet.

Today's Song of the Day is "White America" by Eminem off his 2002 album "The Eminem Show."

Crazy Fact: In 1996, his mother was accused of mentally and physically abusing his younger brother.

(I'd send some Mötley Crüe but it's almost unlistenabley bad. At least the stuff I have. Too bad you can ban them for sucking so much ASS or being too old to play rock and/or roll OR just NOT mattering, I guess that would kill of radio completely.)


Tuesday, May 24, 2005

A dish best served ICE cold.

I won an ICE Award for my Logo Design. Crazy.

It was for a downtown shoe store called KAS it's on the corner of Spring Garden and Queen. My friend Sonia owns it. CRAZY! I quit stupid design and start a new career path in Computer Science and then I win an award for my design. What a crazy little world.

Anyways, it's pretty cool.

Today's Song of the Day is "Hey There Fancypants" by Ween off their 2003 album "Quebec."

Crazy Fact: Ween's 1994 Album Chocolate and Cheese was dedicated to the late comedic actor John Candy.


Monday, May 23, 2005

The Spin Cycle of Suck.

Man I hate cleaning up. If I remember to do it now, I'm just going to forget to do it later. It's seems so pointless. Such a waste of time. That's was sisyphus was trying to tell us. If ever there was a futile activity, it's cleaning up and eating for that matter. Your just going to have to do it again. I mean jeeze, how many times am I going to have to go through this hungry chew swallow digest shit routine, it's endless. It's seems like I do it every damn day. I hate the stuff I do everyday. The Enemy has a new name and Routine it's you. Like making the bed. What do you mean you can't think in a messy house? I can't think because I'm stuck in this endless and futile cleaning parade, and by the way... this parade SUCKS! All the floats suck, and have themes like disease, insects, guilt and shame, what would the neighbours think, you smell bad, the spin cycle, etc... bore me to tears.

Grrrr. Cleaning you suck. I hate you.

Today's Song of the Day is "The Sound Of The Suburbs" by The Members off their 1979 debut album "At the 1980 Chelsea Night Club."

Crazy Fact: I got nuthin'


Sunday, May 22, 2005

A Bridge Too Wet.

It's just rain. People are so damn afraid of getting wet. I'll just walk, I'm sick of taking cabs. Off I go.

When I first step on the bridge I'm not too bad the boots are working, the rain coat is working no big deal. After I start up into the storm it starts to crank up the piss-down o meter.

I stop to look back and the notice not only is the bridge swaying, but it's also shaking. The wind is blasting me from the right. I look ahead. I can't really see dartmouth. The rain is moving vertically. My jeans are getting soaked and heavy. I am periodically stopped in my tracks by gust of wind and the bridge is swaying to such a degree I feel like I'm drunk.

The bus drives by. FUCK! I'm such an idiot. Why won't I take the DAMN BUS! I just hate the bus. I like it in principal, but... i don't care. I hate it.

I'm glad I'm in the rain. It's not so bad. I'm wet and my jeans weigh a ton and are stuck to me, but big deal. I'm mildly frightened that the bridge is going to collapse, but whatever I'm usually mildly frightened about something. Really, the most annoying thing is that place on the back of my wrist is numb, that place in between the pocket and the sleeve, the place where all under-prepared Canadians go numb first.

When I reach Dartmouth the rain stops.


If I left 30 mins later I would be dry, impatience, again sir, you've had the best of me. I am wet and beaten, at your feet, but oddly unrepentant.

What is that about me? If I knew the rain was going to stop in half an hour I think I'd still do the same thing. Though I stand here in thick, wet, heavy layer of discomfort, I know that monstrous impatience rules me. And even still, it's just wet. Big whoop. It was kind fun feeling like I was on the deck of the SS Atlantic on it's way down.

Today's Song of the Day is "Here Comes The Rain Again" by the Eurythmics off their 1983 album "Touch."

Crazy Fact: Dave Stewart married Siobhan Fahey, a former member of Bananarama in 1987.


Friday, May 20, 2005

The Brothers Cup

Dude. you are so, fucking, 35. That's what you get for being born in 1970. It's sucks that I was in Cape Breton for your party. Hope you drank one for me. Here's a Song as old as you.

Happy Birthday Bro.

Today's Song of the Day is "Father & Son" by Cat Stevens off his 1970 Album "Tea for the Tillerman."

Crazy Fact: Cat Stevens was raised by cats in the back alleys of London, that's where he got the name... no, not really. He was born Steven Demetre Georgiou, was the son of a Swedish mother and a Greek father. boooooring.


Wednesday, May 18, 2005

this blog has a shitty name and that why i like it

I thought many times I should change it to something witty like all of these other cool kids. But 'Song of The Day' is so banal, so utterly unimaginative, decidedly impersonal, only vaguely interesting and not charming, not even in the slightest... it's almost a disguise. It's so uninviting, it's a counter advertisment. I like the idea of people thinking "That sounds dumb, pass."

All the kids who do not go to school because you are too cool for it can read the snappy named blogs and to you I say all that glitters is not gold. SO hey you! not you... YOU! Yeah you, don't read this. you suck, get lost and take your silly dog toto with you. (such an aweful band too, ick.)

Today's Song of the Day is "The Hustle" by Van McCoy off his 1975 album "Disco Baby."

Crazy Fact: Van Allen Clinton McCoy died of a massive heart attack in Englewood, NJ, on July 6, 1979, exactly six months shy of his 40th birthday.


Tuesday, May 17, 2005

D. E. E. T.

Bug spray smells better than mosquitos feel. And bug spray smells fucking horrible.

While I'm in the car I'm thinking to myself why doesn't EVERYONE live in the country. It's so beautiful. so peaceful. so quiet. Closer to nature, closer to our natural state. We get lost a few times getting there but hey that's nothing new we did that everyday in Paris so whatever.

"The lady in the store says the Old Halifax Road IS the River Road. We won't ask the obvious question."

We get lost in a trailer park then
we get lost in another trailer park then
we find the dirt road


Little do we know that our definition of pothole was insufficient a description for what we were in for.

"Jeesus! what is this the road to Bagdad? You could fit a small car in that hole and that hole and that hole..."


Cel and I grimace and laugh while grimacing as the wrenching full-bodied gouging slowly scrapes by the full-length underbelly of the car. jeebus.

I imagine a hanging crunch of wires and metal hanging off, dragging through the rocky muddy dirt-road. (that wasn't a laser blast, something hit us.)

"That took a few years of the ol' Corolla."

Finally after a slow and bumpy ride the nature lovin' city slickers get out of the car. The sky darkens as a horde of hungry blood-sucking Mosquitos descend.


We look at each other and pause.

"bug spray."
"bug spray."

"Where's that bug spray that's like 95% DEET. We bought it that time we went to Lavers birthday..."
"and you passed out in the car at like 10."

I'm amazed in my panic I could find it. the smell... jeesus it's blinding. I'm sure a cloud of green fumes burst from the car as we wade back into the flying sea of hungry insects. We start down the path swatting ourselves, at the buzzing sounds at our ears and mouths and out of our noses. Fiver doesn't seem to care as he prances around like a fawn.

Stubbornly we head down the path. Cel stops dead in her tracks ahead of me and starts to laugh.

"Is there anyway to get around this?!"

There is about 15 80-ft fir trees uprooted and felled over the path. Utterly impassable. Thanks Juan, again, we love you.

"There's got to be."

We try over, we try under, left, then right with a clouds of bugs trying desperately to get into our mouths.

"This day is LOST!"
"Fuck this!"

We run for the car spazmatically, screaming, giggling, defeated and drive back to the city.

Today's Song of the Day is "Hell" by The Squirrel Nut Zippers off there 1997 album "Hot."

Crazy Fact: The lead singers Dad was a Baptist Minister.


Saturday, May 14, 2005

Repeating Myself

When I go to used bookstores I have this strange habit of looking at books I already own. Yesterday, I went to JWD and spent most of my time staring at this collection of Yeats poetry that I have at home. Just sort of stuck looking at it. Trying with all my brain not to buy it again.

What is that called? is that coveting? or is it materialistic? is it possessive? is it like when your a kid in the sandbox and another kid is playing with your toys and for some reason you only want to play with the toys they are playing with. You just can't stop yourself, but why? er more importantly what's it called? is it Hoarding? Greediness? None of these words do it for me.

I need a dictionary. nope no help. I think it's a collector thing. must collect and maintain perfection. weird.

ok done.

Today's Song of the Day is "As Is" by Ani DiFranco off her 1998 album "little plastic castle."

Crazy Fact: In the early Ninties Ani DiFranco became the subject of considerable major-label interest, yet she steadfastly rejected all offers and remains independant.


Friday, May 13, 2005

I'll Never Be Shot Again. (Except maybe on my birthday)

I am officially giving up shots. You heard it here most recently. The booze-hyperactivity combo it just too peaked with shots, It might as well be coke, but easier to quit. nuff said.

Today's Song of the Day is "Lua " by Bright Eyes off there 2005 album "I'm Wide Awake It's Morning."

Crazy Fact: First attracted the attention of the indie music world in 1994 -- when he was just 14-years old -- as the singer and guitarist for Commander Venus.


Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Novacane face

oh my god I feel like I have two faces.

I have the face I have always had and then this totally new novacane face smushed on top of it like ground beef or mashed potateos. Maybe it's how you feel when you play a extra in a war movie where the put all this shit on your face to make you look dead and blasted with shrapnel.

So three cavaties later I am:

466.00 bucks lighter.

a little bit less of a pif, and an equal little bit more of a cyborg.
(kinda cool in a comic book way, not very cool in a intectual sort of way.)

my eye right eye is numb. it's feel wet but as far as I can tell it's not.
and I don't think I can smile. (to much face in the way)

he is such a good dentist though I didn't even feel the needles (topical ansthetic)... and he's got a good manner... I think he is the opposite of a shitty professor. I'm never going to lose what he gave me. I'm going to use what he gave me everday. He made me better equipt to live. I feel like I did the right thing. I don't feel like it was a waste of time or money. and he made something that could've really really sucked o damn k.

I think the novacane is affecting my brain. time to go.

Today's Song of the Day is "Novacane" by Beck off his 1996 album "Odelay."

Crazy Fact: The Dust Brothers produced this album. They kick ass.


Monday, May 09, 2005

Stinky Wizzleteeth.

I'm an anti-dentite.

"So we haven't seen you since," looks over sholder, "...1998."

"umm..." (very smooth, oW OW ow ow OW!)

"So are you still a...," looks over shoulder, "gra-fic desine-ner."

"umm..." (OW ow ow OW oWWW!)

"Is your address still Agricola Street."

"umm..." (never again, never never never)

Look your shoveing what might as well be a red hot poker into my gums and when your not and I can close my tired crampt jaw you want.. by the way, of COURSE they're bleeding and it consern me TOO! know what I do for a living. no. no way ye who causes such pain and disfort need not know such things. Your my torturer not my friend.

Anyway... I have THREE cavities and I've been booked for an HOUR! a fucking HOUR of needles and drilling and open mouthed misery. FUCK! hows that for a suck fest. it was 102 bucks to clean polish Xray and Diagnose ick. The cleaning made my teeth feel like super heroes though. Which is nice for them. They've been so unhappy for so long. I'm glad they are getting a chance to shine and feel good about themselves. but the villian cavities still lurk, though there days are numbered.

Today's Song of the Day is "Oh! You Pretty Things" by David Bowie off his 1971 album "Hunky Dory."

Crazy Fact: Upon completing his first album he spent several weeks in a Scottish Buddhist monastery.


Sunday, May 08, 2005

Summertime Student Blues

Dude. The student loan money is almost all run out... shit. It was a fun little run too. This getting a job thing really isn't looking so appealing right now. eek. Summer school it is. School makes me feel all lazy inside. I kinda like it, this unproductive vibe I got goin' on. mmm vibes 'n' rays.

Today's Song of the Day is "You Never Give Me Your Money" by The Beatles off there 1969 album "Abbey Road."

Crazy Fact: They're the fucking Beatles, jeezus.


Thursday, May 05, 2005

Basements are Depressing

The world just looks a little shittier when looking at it through a basment window.

It makes me think of Steve McQueen. Why did he have to go an die? He was a totally realistic action hero, believable. Like he might be a guy you know or maybe even you. And likable. And tough but not because he was too stupid to feel the pain, but because he could fight through it. His face was expressive and his physical presence interesting. He'd do normal things and make them interesting. Not like Kommandant Arnold stilted, inhuman and fucking retarded (save Conan and Terminator.) Not a caracture of a human being.

Steve was always in solitary confinement struggling to maintain his sanity.

Today's Song of the Day is "Koyaanisqatsi" by Philip Glass off his 1983 film soundtrack "Koyaanisqatsi."

Crazy Fact: In the early '70s, he formed the Philip Glass Ensemble, a seven-piece group that had nowhere to play by art galleries and Max's Kansas City. Crazy!


Tuesday, May 03, 2005

I Love The Law.

I don't want to be a security guard at a Motörhead concert when I grow up.

There was only one room you could drink in. It was well lit and packed with tatoos and leather. The problem with this sort of set up is people pound them back and go back to the show no leisurely sips while enjoying the Motörheadian nuances. pound it and dig in to the mass and of course like any other high school dance we had to get ripped before we showed, it was Motörhead after all.

Since the ticket read no-re-entry there was an envitablity, smoking. People just lit up. The security guard tells them to put it out and they do, then move somewhere else and light another. So I'm standing around drinking in the drinking area, drinking waay to fast.

I look to the left and there is a criminally leathered, criminally tatooed, and most importantly criminally attitudified Metal King lounging at a table taking up as much space as possible with his Metal Queen on his lap snaping her gum, both smoking cigarettes. I know they are trying to scare me with the totally unoriginal manufactured look, and truthfully, it's working. A beefy security guard walks up, leans in and asks him to put it out. The Metal Lord slouched in his throne, looks at the cigarette, nods, taps the ash off it, looks the security guard back in the eye keeps smoking in utter disreguard of the law and this authority enforcing it. OF COURSE! This is a Motörhead show of course there will be a beligerant and generally anti-authoritarian bent to the crowd. even if just for tonight.

It was then I realize just how much I have to fear. The Law and general politeness is the only thing keeping me alive. As far as that whole survival of the fittest thing goes... anarchy would judge me not fit to live. If this went bad it could go so very very bad. Fortunately or unfortunately the only thing of value I have to lose in this situation is my life.

Fortunately I escaped with my life, unfortunately I was slopped and committed a number of gruesome Public Displays of Affection. If it was High School, it would have been my proudest moment. It, however, was not.

Today's Song of the Day is "My Guitar Wants to Kill Your Mama" by Frank Zappa & Mothers of Invention off his 1970 album "Weasels Ripped My Flesh."

Crazy Fact: His Record Label, Verve, insisted on adding "of Invention" to the band's name.


Monday, May 02, 2005

Give Me That Rockin' Head.

It was a metal show a real one, Blinding lights, Marshall stacks, Crowd surfing, that glow of light around the silouette in front of you, the ghostly faces of hundreds behind and


So many metalheads. I had no idea there were so many men of the metal in this city. Every 30-Something corporate sell-out must've dusted off there leathers and Metallica T-shirts to relive the old days. I was mostly a poser. They may drive their mazdaerwhatever to their cubical, calculator and speed dial everyday but I betcha they know more of the lyrics than me. Actually I'm just a reformed corporate sell-out... who doesn't know the lyrics to 'Ace of Spades' let alone ANYTHING ELSE. So they are one rung higher then me on the coolness later that night I suppose.

Curses! I'll get you for this Corporate Sell-out Man!
I wonder who the supervillian is in this? Not easy so to determine. hmm.

anyway... Rock Rocks! more rock shows! more rock shows! don't make me MOVE goddamn it. next bring RADIOHEAD! It can't be that hard to replace a motor with a radio.

DO it!

Of COURSE Today's Song of the Day is "Ace of Spades" off their 1980 Album "Ace of Spades."

Crazy Fact: Lead Singer Lemmy Kilmister was born on Christmas Eve and briefly worked as a roadie for Jimi Hendrix.


Sunday, May 01, 2005

Made You Look.

I got over 5000 hits. that's pretty good. I'm quite pleased. actually I was pretty happy at one hundred. thank you reader people, sitting in front of your glowing screens in rooms other than this one reading my stuff. me like. me appreciate. I know is the same five people visiting 1000 times each, but it's nice to know you care. sigh.

Today's Song of the Day is "Me And My Friends" by the Red Hot Chili Peppers off therir 1987 album "The Uplift Mofo Party Plan."

Crazy fact: Gitaurist Hillil Slovak died of a heroin overdose the year following this albums' release and drummer Jack Irons quit the band after from the depression of the loss.