Friday, June 30, 2006

Voting for Puppets

Wow. This is unbelievable. Republicans will stop at nothing, intent on pushing an agenda of war.,,3-2248170,00.html

On a side note I watched "Good Night and Good Luck." It's quite good. It's esspecially interesting viewed with "The Insider" in the back of your head. Together those movies tell quite a story. It tells the history and the future of TV Journalism, and brother, it ain't bright.

Why don't we vote for CEOs of Corporations? This system sucks. It's like we can vote for city council members but Leader of the Province is a King, appointed by a few rich guys. Who cares about the stupid mayor when he's gotta do what the king says?

Today's Song of the Day is "Bittersweet Symphony" by The Verve off their 1997 album "Urban Hymns."

Crazy Fact: The Verve sampled a bit from the obscure album The Rolling Stones Songbook (1966) which consisted of Stones songs that were reworked by an orchestra (the bandmembers didn't play on it at all). And while there was absolutely no comparison between these strange new versions and the definitive, rocking originals. The copyright holders of the Stones' '60s catalog, ABKCO, demanded 100 percent of the royalties for the song, and got it. That's Just Stupid. I hate copyright more and more everyday.


Thursday, June 29, 2006

Safe to Steal from the Man

Leave it to the Swedes. They will insure you against being sued by the RIAA for downloading songs of the internet and if you do get sued they will send you a t-shirt.

You chances of being sued are 1 in 1840. To put that in perspective your chances of dying but any external cause is 1 in 1755.

Today's Song of the Day is "Been Caught Stealing" by Jane's Addiction off their 1990 album "Ritual De Lo Habitual."

Crazy Fact: When Perry Farrell submitted his original artwork to Warner Brothers Records for the band's 2nd album, 1990’s Ritual de lo Habitual, the label reportedly wasn’t too thrilled. Still, they honored the band's vision and gave it a go in the marketplace. Until, that is, a few stodgy retail chains squawked. Under corporate pressure, & forced to reconsider, the guys opted to go with minimal text simply quoting the Free Speech guarantee within our First Amendment.


Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Just the facts man

I've been watching a documentary by Ken Burns called "Jazz" and it's shockingly good.

I don't know if y'all'r big documentary fans, but to me, when they are good, there is nothing I'd rather watch. When they are bad I feel like somebody just took a shit in my brain, like I just watched "full house."

Having seen but 3 of 19 hours Ken Burns is the guy, he is the number one super-cool. My hero of the documentary. So I researched a little bit. Supposedly his documentary "The Civil War" is so good George Will of the Washington Post said, “If better use has ever been made of television, I have not seen it and do not expect to see better until Ken Burns turns his prodigious talents to his next project.”

These critics are drooling for everything this guy touches it's crazy. like this drooler Jack Newfield of the New York Post, “Jazz is the best American documentary film I have ever seen. Period.”

Anyway I'm on it.

I did the math though, 19 hours and we've rented it four 14 days that means I gotta do over an hour a day to get through it. That's a little intense.

Ready yourselves to hear some jazz you cowards! But First I'll send some ska 'cause it's so damn hot 'n' summer-like.

Today's Song of the Day is "Tighten Up" by Lee Perry off his 1968 album "Blackboard Jungle Dub."

Crazy Fact: His studio Black Ark, and everything in it, burned to the ground. Perry claims bad wiring as the culprit, but the more familiar and commonly accepted story is that Perry burned the studio down in a fit of acid-inspired madness, convinced that Satan had made Black Ark his home.


Tuesday, June 27, 2006

The Geek in Me.

I know know if any of you care about AI but doodes is it every cool. Here are some of my recent discoveries:

• CLIPS is a tool developed by NASA for building Expert Systems. It's in the Public Domain and free to download for PC or Mac.

• SWI Prolog is a tool developed by The HCS Lab at the University of Amsterdam and it's for programming in Prolog which is essentially Predicate logic (which is waay easier than it sounds.) It's under the Lesser GNU Public License (ie free) and you can download it for mac pc or unix.

Basically you give it simple facts and rules then ask it questions and reasoning through inference it tells you answers. FUN!

ok the geek has had enough time in the sun. He's got to crawl back into the cave and learn prolog. Say 'bye' geek...

GeekPif: Later Fellow Earthlings!

yeah. whatever.

Today's Song of the Day is "Orange Crush " by R.E.M. off their 1988 album "Green."

Crazy Fact: After an exhaustive international tour supporting 1988's Green, the band retired from touring for six years and retreated into the studio to produce their most popular records.


Monday, June 26, 2006

I was gone...

A very scarey moment as my blog (this blog) disappeared for a few days. The crazy thing is my first thought was they took me down for my criticisim of the anti-terrorist legislation. And before I thought that was totally stupid. I managed to paint a whole picture in my mind of them kicking down my door taking me away and holding me without charging me or letting me contact anyone and being all mean to me 'cause of my views.

What bugs me about that is I thought it was possible, if even only for a moment. To me, I should have concluded that it ha d begun Aliens had attacked the blog server and were invading the planet, then the Canadian gestapo was going to kick down my door and take me away.

If this disappearing blog thing happens to you, don't call your lawyer, just REPUBLISH the whole thing in the dashboard.

Here's a reality check:

Today's Song of the Day is "You Can't Hurry Love" by The Supremes off their 1966 album "Supremes A' Go-Go."

Crazy Fact: This album "Supremes A' Go-Go" was the group's first number one pop album.


Thursday, June 22, 2006

Your taste is all in your mouth.

"et tu JR?"

It seems there is a growing concern of agitators who lack enthusiam for my recent musical selections. I ask you good and loyal people of the SOTD to expose these malcontents for what they are TRAITORS! It is time for us to band together to protect, these precious precious thing we have. You must abandon all critical thought and give yourself over wholly to the mob, only as a mob motivated by fear with me as your leader can we defeat terrorism and bring order to Iraq... er... the SOTD!

Today's Song of the Day is "Check The Rhime" by A Tribe Called Quest off their 1991 album "The Low End Theory."

Crazy Fact: They were on the 1994 Lollapalooza Tour. (I was going to send C+C Music factory in protest, but I lost my nerve.)


Tuesday, June 20, 2006


According to Nielsen NetRatings Wikipedia is now the third-most-popular news and information source on the net.

This I like.

I like the idea of free. Free means it's value it inherent, not assigned. People won't push it on you because they want your dime. It's publication isn't motivated by cash. Can you trust free info? Maybe not, but I KNOW I can't trust CNN. I like that you have to read wikipedia and still think critically about what your reading. Your not a gulliable fool, nor are you expected to be. But I kinda trust volenteers. They do it because they want to. They write about topics they are interested in. They choose.

It thick with things I value. Primarily freedom. Free will not contrived or controlled by anyone. I think these people are well meaning, that they are pursiuing fact. you may think I'm nieve but it's more likely that these people paid and edited by "other interests" have muddied intentions.

To me the intention is the thing. Wiki Volunteers are looking for the facts. Most other sources are looking for a sale, and "the facts" is just a method to get there and ultimately the facts would be sacrificed, if need be, to assure a sale.

To me, why sell something you can give away for free? With idea's like that I'll, I guess I'll never be a capitalist.

Today's Song of the Day is "Dead Man Blues" by The Red Hot Peppers off the compliation "Jelly Roll Morton Centennial: His Complete Victor Recording" originally released in 1924.

Crazy Fact: Jelly Roll Morton was the first man to write down Jazz. As well as being an incredible musician he was a pimp, a pool shark and had a diamond installed in his front tooth.


Monday, June 19, 2006

Macguyver Incarnate

My Bro (aka Dicky Dylan) who will from now on be Dylan "Midwife MacGuyver" Edwards. On May 6th, he Delievered his own baby, Sylvie, at his house, quite to his own surprise. Basically, the ambulance was late so He and Moria had to deliever the baby at home. The MacGuyver moment came when he took out his shoe lace and used it to tie off the ambilical cord. Wow. That's the way it's done.

I guess the first call from 911 to the ambulance was "complicated pregnancy on Vernon street." the second call from 911 to the albulance was "man out of breath."

With Guts and ingenuity like that Moira and McGuyver Edwards could've populated the west.

Today's Song of the Day is "I've Found a New Baby" by Lester Young, Nat "King" Cole & Buddy Rich off Lester's 1946 album "Lester Young Trio."

Crazy Fact: This Jazz great also starred in the motion picture 'Round Midnight.


Friday, June 16, 2006

Cape Breton Bees.

This sounds more like a children's book than a News Story.

I can just see the Police pistols drawn, screaming "BEES! BEES! Everybody RUN! Run for your lives! CALL the friggin' BEE-keeper!"

I can just imagine that lone beekeeper in full regalia, called out to the "big bee emergency" (there's the title of the book) standing powerless and awe-struck in a swarm of 30,000 bees.

Teachers and Parents panicking "Will SOMEBODY think of the children!" locking the doors and windows. Looking out wildly for signs of attack.

Then the rain came and cleared the bees, leaving a mystery.

I can see the police officer scratching there heads and wondering "Where did they come from... where did they go?"


Today's Song of the Day is "One Night in Bangkok" by Murray Head off the 1984 Soundtrack "Chess."

Crazy Fact: This album was written by the male half of ABBA and the guy who wrote Jesus Suck Superstar.


Thursday, June 15, 2006

She's Gots the Sports Smarts.

It's not my nature to Say anything Like "Go Oilers!" but the play-offs are a strange times for a Toronto fan. We have to blow with the wind, because the our team usually BLOWS! Someday in my life-time they will make it to the final, in this I place my faith. A victory in the Final is a the promised land, I'll not even speak it.

Anyway, I'm watching the game in my skinny armchair hockey player kind of way. Talking about the game with my baby. Who isn't completely unimpressed about watching the hockey game. She's good to me. I rant predictions for 2 and a half periods and Sarah lesiurely looks at me listening, periodically with that sassy "you have no Idea what your talking about" look she's so good at. Finally middle of the third period with total confidence she says, "No your wrong the Oilers are going to win, fool."

We bet a quarter on it. It goes to OT. Penality against Oilers.

"Uh-oh baby, it's over for you, they've been sucking ass on power plays."

"Have you even been WATCHING the game? They're last goal was scored shorthanded!" No sooner had the she said it and it was over. Oilers scored short-handed.

I must say her accuracy was very, very sexy. She's knows the sportes cuz she did 'em. I'm such a tourist.

Today's Song of the Day is "Wang Dang Doodle" by Koko Taylor off here 1969 album "Koko Taylor."

Crazy Fact: She has won more W.C. Handy Awards than any other female performer in history.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Hockey Hockey Hockey

I likes the hockey.

I fought liking the hockey for many moons as a wee lad when I moved here from Toronto. In the 70s, in Toronto everybody hated the Canadians and everybody loved the Leafs, easy. When I moved to rural Nova Scotia, everybody hated the Leafs and loved the Canadians. At Seven it was just too much to bare. So I gave up on the whole bunch, gave in to my hatred and joined the dark-side as a full-time hockey hater (known secretly as "Darth Pif".)

Accellerating my journey to the dark-side was my failed career as a Goalie. Being little, oh so very little, the net was the safest place for me to be. I was quick and pretty good for a six year-old.

Way back in the 70s we were playing ball hockey and I was the Goalie. Since there were no masks or goalie gear to speak of (and we were six) there was a no high-shots rule and a no slap-shots rule. Everything was fine, I was stoppin' them dead. Some bigger kids wanted to play and pushed there way into our game.

I was scared of them but still I was a wall, nothin' no goals. Now I don't know if it was a mistake, out of frustration, didn't know the rules or to be mean, but one of those big kids pulled back for a wicked slap shot from about the red line near the boards. He put his all into it. It sped towards me like a bullit, I'd never seen a hockey ball move that fast in my life. I was totally in the zone and stood my ground.

"SMACKwizzzzzzzzWACK!" I stopped it... unfortunately, with my eye.

Up to that point in my life nothing had ever been that painful. I thought he blinded me with that Hard oranage Hockey ball. I dropped my stick and gloves and cried all the way home. I totally lost the nerve to stand in front of the net.

As I remember he was sincerly appologetic and tried to come over to help. I think I through my glove at him, enraged and hatefully screamed "Big Jerk" at him before stormed off and I cried my swollen little eye home.

Today's Song of the Day is "Eye Of The Tiger" by Survivor off their 1982 Album "Eye Of The Tiger."

Crazy Fact: Sly Stallone heard them in Toronto and commissioned this song off them.


Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Police State.

Now I look at the US and think this is what's coming our way.

Today's Song of the Day is "The KKK Took My Baby Away" by the Ramones off their 1981 album "Pleasant Dreams."

Crazy Fact: Joey wrote this because Johnny (an Avid Republican) stole his girlfriend.


Friday, June 09, 2006

Defending Rights

I like most of us Canadians are pretty damn interested in this "Foiled terrorist Plot" against the Canadian Government.

In my search I decided to Google "Rocco Galati" he is the Lawyer defending the suspected terrorists. I figure he's got to be a fool or a very interesting guy.

I found some bizarre things in my search.

This from the Toronto Star in 2003: On the face of it, Rocco Galati's claim that U.S. and Canadian intelligence agencies want to kill him sounds too weird for words...

This from a talk he gave in 2001 about Canadian bill C36: The other thing the Bill does is that it can convict you of facilitating
terrorism without any knowledge or intent.
This is a very very scarey one.

This about American involvement of 9-11: "let one happen. Stop the rest."

ok well that about ruined my day. So much for truth and democracy. jeezus. I need a drink.

Today's Song of the Day is "Nocturne in E Minor, Op. 72, No. 1" performed by Ivan Moravec off his 1991 CD "Chopin: Nocturnes" Composed by Frédéric Chopin, published in 1855 (post-humaneously.)

Crazy Fact: His singular touch, he has stated on several occasions, was a matter of necessity after an ice-skating fall at age ten that left him with a neck and spine injury.


Thursday, June 08, 2006


"We did not do anything to them,” said Walid Abdul-Hameed, who lost her parents, her grandparents, a brother and two uncles in the shootings. Only she, one brother and a sister survived. “Because they hurt us,” she said, “we want the Americans to be executed.”

14 civilians slaughtered by American Marines in Haditha. The oldest was 70, the youngest was 2. Marines who've killed non combatants pay fines it seems. 2,500 bucks for each dead relative. nice. I wonder how many Americans would accept 2,500 bucks if a cop shot their mother or brother in the street.

I would be a terrorist if I was this 9 year-old girl. She's lost everything, in an instant. It's fucking awful. There is no justice here. There won't be.

I blame Americans, the fucking idiots, for voting this raging asshole into power. And then for closing their eyes as tight as they can while this lying tyrant runs amok, taking lives. And then voting him in again.

They're not all bad: Our major media and the administration just won’t report or acknowledge it. Last weekend, more than 100 people were killed in Iraq’s civil war. Our boys and girls are in the middle, and there’s no saving this mess. Torture in Guantanamo, Abu Ghraib, secret prisons in Eastern Europe, now this. Our nation has never limped so low before the eyes of the world in our entire history. These are outrages. We are only multiplying hate that will haunt us for decades. Enough death and dishonor. Get our troops out of Iraq; that’s how to support our troops—alive.

Why are we following the American example and occupying Afganistan? Who is the bigger fool? The fool who leads or the fool that follows?

Today's Song of the Day is "Lamentatio" Performed by Convivium Musicum, Ensemble Villanella and Sven Berger off the compliation "Tugend Und Untugend: German Secular Music From The Time Of Luther." Composed in 1517 by Ludwig Senfl

Crazy Fact: Ludwig Senfl lost a toe in a hunting accident in 1518.


Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Wedding receiever.

I went to Matt and Becky's wedding over the weekend. Old Man Luedecke played at the reception. very cool. Guess who caught the Bouquet? Of course Long-Arm Watling was the one. She could be the star receiver of Steelers if they were throwing flowers instead of pig-skins.

Today's Song of the Day is "Yodelady" by Old Man Luedecke off his 2003 album "Mole In The Ground."

Crazy Fact: He's from here. (anyone got a crazy fact?)


Monday, June 05, 2006

The Dead Tell No Tales.

I don't know shit. You can concider that a critisism of the media or of myself which ever you perfer. When reading any article or taking in any "facts" from any source I try to make sure my critical thinking engine is running.

Let's see a bush-wanna-be-reform-party-nut gets in control of our country and next thing I know we have 2,300 troops in Afganistan. A few of which are starting to come back in boxes. Then suddenly there is a foiled terrorist plot against the peace tower. Is this Reform Party dink really pulling American-style fear mongering bullshit? Here! In peace-lovin' Cananda? maybe not I read this from associated press:

"Officials announced Saturday that the suspects were arrested after the group acquired three tons of ammonium nitrate, which can be mixed with fuel oil to make a powerful explosive. One-third that amount was used in the deadly bombing of the Oklahoma City federal building in 1995."


I can't help it. I just don't think they are lying about three tons of ammonium nitrate. It's hard to 'plant' three tons of Anything and anyone.

Maybe people really do hate Canada. Prime Minister "I wanna play in the American sandbox" is kinda invading their country. I can't say I blame them. I wouldn't like anyone invading me. I can't say I like their methods. But, to me, there isn't any obvious legitimate reason for us to be in Afganistan. He seems to be invading another country as a favour to Bush. Which is pretty awful. Our people are dying over there and our people are put in danger over here as a favour to the worst American president in the history of the United States has ever seen.

Why do the PCs always have to put the Americans ahead of Canadians. It's like he was picked last to play street hockey a few too many times and now is his chance to shine. What he doesn't know is all those kids were doing him a favour. He sucks and he is just going to embarrass himself. Now he is going to embarrass himself on the world stage, with canadian lives to pay the bill. lame.

Bob Dylan's Masters of War is just perfect (and oddly just came on) but I already sent it. crap.

I'm sure there's some brillant rhetoric why this is all for the best. I wonder if that rhetoric comforts the families of the dead.

Today's Song of the Day is "You Always Hurt the One You Love" by Brenda Lee off her 1962 album "Sincerely, Brenda Lee"

Crazy Fact: Brenda Lee and and Patsy Cline had the same producer, Owen Bradley in the early '60s.