Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Sir Salieri

What a turd. 

Sir Paul McBloodyCartney gets worse with every passing year. With every passing year he sees what a useless tit he is. His long life is his curse. It is a Joy to see him see how he will be remembered, watching him of him scratch at meaningfulness, clawing desperately to be seen as something more than a dipshit with a mostly useless talent for writing those oh so pretty love songs. 

He is a modern day Salieri, his better days, his BEST days, his only days worth a damn, were in collaberation. Now don't get me wrong, I'm not saying John is Mozart, he wrote plenty of solo crapola, but clearly the he is more meaningful figure of the two, representing something a little more than vapid pop sentimentality.

You can argue that John doesn't deserve it or whatever but of the two John deserves it more than Knight of the douchenozzles, sir Paul, revisionist turd bucket.

He fucking drives me nuts. All his vegan street cred he got from Linda, and promptly lost when he married that one-legged blondey before Linda's corpse was even cold.

BTW I'm ranting about Sir Splogeater's claims that "I politicised the Beatles." Read this shitfeast:

"For instance, Vietnam. Just when we were getting to be well known, someone said to me: 'Bertrand Russell is living not far from here in Chelsea, why don't you go and see him?' and so I just took a taxi down there and knocked on the door."

He added: "He was fabulous. He told me about the Vietnam war – most of us didn't know about it, it wasn't yet in the papers – and also that it was a very bad war.

"He was fabulous"?!!? "A very bad war"?!?! oh yes very very naughty war, we shouldn't be having those should we, sir Paul. Fortunately there are all these FABULOUS people, a taxi ride away, just sitting about, waiting to tell people to tell you about it. 

What a STEAMING pile of shit.

Today's Song of the Day is "Piss Up A Rope" by Ween off their 1996 album "12 Golden Country Greats".

Crazy Fact: For the tour supporting this album their backing unit was dubbed the Shit Creek Boys(which included steel guitarist Stuart Basore, guitarist Danny Parks, fiddler Hank Singer, and bassist Matt Kohut)


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Gary said...

Anna's friend Gary here. She sent me a link to your interesting blog.

I've always seen Paul as more shallow than vain or stupid, but give a guy $100 million and treat him like a music god and anything stupid can happen.

His one-legged ex was a recent contestant on Dance With the Stars. She's a piece of work too - but at least unapologetically greedy and stupid...