Friday, February 26, 2016

Old School Games for fresh little brains.

I have a kid or two now so things are a little different at the Song of the Day. For example, I just wanted to say that Roman's Favourite game right now is "Heroes of Might and Magic III" which originally came out 1999.

This makes me think things have changed. The whole "newest is the best"-thing with video games -- I think it is coming to an end. There is the graphics push that will always keep the "need for the new" going but I think classics are starting to emerge. And Heroes of Might and Magic is one.

I think strong classic candidates will be those rendered out 3D games like Heroes III and Balder's Gate and Diablo II. They look great and I think it is still a better way then real-time rendered, it is a pain-in-the-ass but the curves are real, not approximated by straight lines. Sorry but we notice and when we do it ruins the suspension of disbelief.

Today's Song of the Day is Take on Me by Aha off their 1985 album "Hunting, High and Low".

Crazy Fact: When Roman was just 10 months old I would put him to sleep 5 days a week and he would fall asleep in my arms to this song 4 out of 5 nights. So sweet.


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Gary said...

Parenting fills all gaps and more...and is rich. Hey, I liked Reel Big Fish's version of Take on Me...even went to see them a few times.