Tuesday, January 20, 2009

All that Guff

Though I'm a little sick of the "this historic day" frenzy, there is something I gotta say about this historic day. For all the guff the US gets about its' "main problem" being race, this shows it's true colours and that that's all crap. Lets see the french, german, british, japanese whoever get a black leader. Not bloody likely.

I think there can be no doubt that the US has shown them, that they have turned a corner. Not only in the way that where for the last eight years we have seen the worst the US has to offer, it's ugly, greedy, violent, ignorant, arrogant side and now with a single democratic act shown evidence of change, evidence of a mature people, an accepting people and a choice to step away from that ugly recent past. But also a corner is turned in terms of the history of a country, and for a country that has made such an impact on the history of the world, with such a history of firsts, this first is particularly powerful. If this man who would be king, was born 200 years ago in the United States would have likely been born into slavery, matured into a slave and died unknown. 140 years after a civil war to free all people, 40 years after a civil rights crusade to make all people equal, we have a US president, a black one, elected by all people.

I think this democratic act shows American to be a people more mature than expected, which is nice. Let's hope they've finally elected a government worthy of them, so far, the outlook is good.

Today's Song of the Day is "Bye Bye Badman" by The Stone Roses off their 1989 debut album "The Stone Roses".

Crazy Fact: In 1996, Johnny Squire finally left the band (to form the Seahorses) breaking it up.


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